New faculty: Dr. Andrew Moon and Dr. Miles Tucker

May 19, 2017

The philosophy department is pleased to welcome Dr. Andrew Moon and Dr. Miles Tucker, who will join the faculty in fall 2017. Dr. Moon specializes in epistemology and philosophy of mind. Dr. Tucker specializes in ethics, meta-ethics, and aesthetics.

They will help expand our upper-level course offerings this fall: Dr. Moon will teach the senior capstone class, PHIL 490, with a new topic: Belief, Confidence, & Doubt. Dr. Tucker will teach Aesthetics (PHIL 421). Below are the course descriptions:

Aesthetics (PHIL 421)
Do works of art have some particular function or purpose? Must they be beautiful, expressive, or engender a certain kind of experience? Or is something a work of art simply because it is deemed so by artists and critics? This course will provide an introduction to aesthetics by way of fundamental puzzles in the philosophy of art. Our primary focus will be the nature of art: we will examine and evaluate views about what makes something an artwork. Our secondary focus will be the value of art: we will attempt to explain why art is important and to understand how we should respond to works of art.

Belief, Confidence, & Doubt (PHIL 490)
We will explore two sets of questions about belief, confidence, doubt, and certainty.  The first set is from epistemology: when should we believe, doubt, have confidence, or be certain?  Is there anything we can believe with certainty or should we have at least a little bit of doubt about everything?  The second set is from philosophy of mind.  What are belief, doubt, confidence, and certainty?  How do these different mental states relate to one another?  In this course, we will seek to answer these questions.