Andrew Alwood, Ph.D.

Photo of Andrew Alwood

Assistant Professor
(804) 828-1224


Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D., 2012 Cornell University)
Areas of Interest: Metaethics, Philosophy of Language


Office: 210 Starke House
Phone: (804) 828-1224


You can find some of his research here:

"Should expressivism be a theory at the level of metasemantics?" Thought: A Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming.

"Non-Descriptive Negation for Normative Sentences," Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming.

“Epicurean Pleasure” An Anthology of Philosophical Studies 2015, vol. 9: 3–13.

"Book Review of Impassioned Belief by Michael Ridge" in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, October 15, 2014.

"Book Review: Oxford Studies in Metaethics: Volume 6, Edited by Russ Shafer-Landau," Journal of Moral Philosophy 11 (3), 2014: 357–360.

"Imperative Clauses and the Frege-Geach problem," Analysis Vol. 70 (1), January 2010: 105–117.

"From Outside of Ethics," with Mark Schroeder, review of Mark Richard's When Truth Gives OutEthics Vol. 119 (4), July 2009: 805–813.