Andrew Moon, Ph.D.

photo of Dr. Moon

Assistant Professor
(804) 828-1224


Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D., 2010 University of Missouri)
Areas of Interest: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion



Office: 209 Starke House
Phone: (804) 828-1224
Personal website:


Select Publications

“Plantinga’s Religious Epistemology, Skeptical Theism, and Debunking Arguments” Faith and Philosophy (forthcoming).

“Beliefs Do Not Come in Degrees” Canadian Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming).

“The Nature of Doubt and a New Puzzle About Belief, Doubt, and Confidence” Synthese (forthcoming). 

“Independence and New Ways to Remain Steadfast in the Face of Disagreement” Episteme (forthcoming).

“Debunking Morality: Lessons from the EAAN Literature” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming).

“Recent Work in Reformed Epistemology” Philosophy Compass 11 (2016).

“In Defense of Proper Functionalism: Cognitive Science Takes on Swampman” Synthese 193 (2016). (coauthor: Kenny Boyce)

“Three Forms of Internalism and the New Evil Demon Problem” Episteme 9 (2012).

“Remembering Entails Knowing” Synthese 190 (2013).

“Knowing Without Evidence” Mind 121 (2012).

“Warrant Does Entail Truth” Synthese 184 (2012).

“Gibbons on Epistemic Internalism” Mind 119 (2010).