Andrew Moon, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor
(804) 828-1224


Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D., 2010 University of Missouri)
Areas of Interest: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion



Office: 210 Starke House
Phone: (804) 828-1224
Personal website:



"Circular and Question-Begging Responses to Religious Disagreement and Debunking Arguments" in Philosophical Studies (forthcoming)

"Why Evidentialists Shouldn't Make Evidential Fit Dispositional" in Syndicate Philosophy (coauthor: Pamela Robinson) (forthcoming)

"Credence: A Belief-First Approach" in Canadian Journal of Philosophy (coauthor: Elizabeth Jackson) (2020)

A New Puzzle About Belief and Credence” in Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2019)

"All Evidential Basing is Phenomenal Basing" in Well Founded Belief: New Essays on the Epistemic Basing Relation, Routledge (2019)

"Knowledge, Belief, and God: New Insights in Religious Epistemology, edited by Matthew A. Benton, John Hawthorne, and Dani Rabinowitz (review)" in Faith and Philosophy (2019)

Two Forms of Memory Knowledge and Epistemological Disjunctivism” in New Issues in Epistemic Disjunctivism (coauthor: Joseph Milburn) (2019)

Evidentialism, Time-Slice Mentalism, and Dreamless Sleep” in Believing in Accordance with the Evidence: New Essays on Evidentialism (2018)

How to Use Cognitive Faculties You Never Knew You Had” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (2018)

The Nature of Doubt and a New Puzzle About Belief, Doubt, and Confidence” Synthese (2018)

Independence and New Ways to Remain Steadfast in the Face of Disagreement” Episteme (2018)

Skepticism and Memory” in The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Memory (2017)

Debunking Morality: Lessons from the EAAN Literature” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (2017)

Plantinga’s Religious Epistemology, Skeptical Theism, and Debunking Arguments” Faith and Philosophy (2017)

Beliefs Do Not Come in Degrees” Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2017)

Recent Work in Reformed Epistemology” Philosophy Compass (2016)

In Defense of Proper Functionalism: Cognitive Science Takes on Swampman” Synthese (coauthor: Kenny Boyce) (2016)

The New Evil Demon, a Frankfurt-style Counterfactual Intervener, and a Subject’s Perspective Objection: Reply to McCain” Acta Analytica (2015)

Remembering Entails Knowing” Synthese (2013)

“Three Forms of Internalism and the New Evil Demon Problem” Episteme (2012)

Knowing Without Evidence” Mind (2012)

Warrant Does Entail Truth” Synthese (2012)

Gibbons on Epistemic Internalism” Mind (2010)

Against Rea on Presentism and Fatalism” Proceedings of the XXII World Congress of Philosophy (2008)


Online Presentations

Professional Lecture

The New Evil Demon Problem for Internalism (Youtube, Lecture, 2012)

Popular Level Lectures or Interviews

A Defense of a Christian Epistemology (YouTube, Interview, 2020)

A Defense of Reformed Epistemology (YouTube, Interview, 2020) 

Suffering, Evil, and God (Podcast, Lecture, 2019)

A Defense of Reformed Epistemology (Postcast, Interview, 2018)

How to Respond to Religious Disagreement (YouTube, Lecture, 2012)