Catherine Sutton, Ph.D.


Associate Professor
(804) 827-2185


Associate Professor of Philosophy (Ph.D., 2008 University of Virginia)
Virginia Philosophical Association President (through October 2018)
Area of Specialization: Metaphysics

Curriculum Vitae


Office: Starke House 302 
Phone: (804) 827-2185 


Review of Persons, Animals, Ourselves, by Paul Snowdon, Philosophical Quarterly, 66, no. 263 (April 2016): 429–432. [Penultimate version] [Published version]

"Almost One, Overlap and Function," Analysis 75, no. 1 (2015): 45 –52. [Penultimate version] [Published version]

"Against the Maximality Principle," Metaphysica 15, no. 2 (2014): 381 –390. [Penultimate version] [Published version]

"The Supervenience Solution to the Too-Many-Thinkers Problem," Philosophical Quarterly 64, no. 257 (October 2014): 619 –639. [Penultimate version] [Published version]

"Colocated Objects, Tally-Ho: A Solution to the Grounding Problem," Mind 121, no. 483 (July 2012): 703 –730. [Penultimate version] [Published version]


Composition as Identity resource page

An introductory lecture on colocationism (video, 30 min., part of the Young Philosophers Lecture Series): 
"Can Two Things Exist in the Same Place at the Same Time?"