Why study philosophy?

With a bachelor of arts in philosophy from VCU, you'll hone your reasoning skills and be able to apply them as you explore carefully reasoned answers to deep questions about the human condition.

You'll also have many opportunities to sharpen your writing skills, increase your openness to rational criticism and learn to disagree about some of life's most important questions in a civil way. Finally, philosophy can equip you for any career that requires careful thinking and the ability to clearly express ideas.

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A man and his reflection in a puddle but upside down

Oct. 18, 2023

Spring 2024 PHIL 490 Seminar: The Nature of the Self

Announcing the topic for the Spring 2024 Seminar in Philosophy

A new initiative at VCU called the College-to-Career Blueprint program is working to make career-readiness a part of the conversations students and their professors are having as soon as they set foot on campus. (Getty Images)

Oct. 6, 2023

Career readiness for students is the goal for VCU’s new College-to-Career Blueprint

The program, launched this year in collaboration with nine departments in the College of Humanities and Sciences, will make career conversations, experiential learning and internships a more seamless part of students’ experience.

Sept. 27, 2023

Carlton Nivens on Teaching Teens

Philosophy major Carlton Nivens taught computer science to teens and now tutors philosophy students

Philosophy Spotlight