B.A. in Philosophy

As a philosophy major at VCU, you will sharpen your critical reasoning, writing and speaking skills, and apply those skills in the concentration area of your choice. Due to its extensive use of critical and analytical reasoning, philosophy equips students for careers in medicine, law, business and other fields that require careful thought and the clear expression of ideas.


You can select from one of four concentrations as a philosophy major. (Links go to VCU Bulletin.)

Standard Concentration

As a philosophy major, you can choose the standard concentration, which prepares you to think critically and systemically about philosophical problems, as well as clearly write about and discuss them.

Ethics and Public Policy Concentration

If you're interested in a career in public policy, this concentration will prepare you with studies in politics, economics and law, particularly how philosophical questions relate to them.

Philosophy and Law Concentration

If you plan to pursue law after completing your undergraduate studies, the philosophy and law concentration will set you up with a strong foundation on the nature of law and its authority, in addition to the workings of law in respect to constitutional issues.

Philosophy and Science Concentration

Prepare for a career path or post-undergraduate study in a science-related field with this concentration, which will explore philosophical questions about scientific inquiry.

Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Humanities and Sciences offers more than 100 scholarship opportunities annually to currently enrolled students. The system features a searchable database of opportunities and details the requirements for each. The application process opens early January and closes late February.

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