Philosophy and Public Affairs Lecture Series

Throughout the year, the Department of Philosophy invites philosophers from around the country to deliver lectures in which philosophical reflection is brought to bear on topics of interest to the general public.

All lectures are free and open to the VCU community and general public. Recent lecture topics include:

  • Must we be moral heroes?
  • Is time like a film or a sculpture?
  • How reason can reveal God
  • Cheating: How honest are we?

Using a video game controller; photo by Sora Khan on Unsplash

"Playing Video Games in Search of Utopia"

Date: Thursday, Apr 20, 2023

Dr. Andrew Kissel argues that, as it turns out, some video games are neither video NOR games! But they’re components of the purpose of human life. Join us for the Spring 2023 Philosophy and Public Affairs Lecture!