Q & A with Stephen Ingram

Stephen Ingram

Name: Stephen Ingram
Major: Philosophy
Future Goals: After graduation, I'm hoping to become a writer in the film industry.

Philosophy is the kind of field where one class can change your perspective on life. 

Why did you decide to study philosophy?

I decided to study philosophy because I love thinking about big questions. When I took my first philosophy class, I felt like I was stepping into a deeper world where I could figure out what matters most in life. Since then, every class I've taken has allowed me to explore more interesting questions and develop as a thinker. 

What was your favorite class that you took in your major? And why?

This is tough, I've been in so many fascinating and engaging classes. But I think my favorite is the first philosophy class I took, PHIL 201: Critical Thinking About Moral Problems. We studied interesting and relevant ethical issues and talked about the nature of morality. Dr. James Fritz was an incredible instructor who made the course really engaging and fun, and that's when I fell in love with philosophy. 

Who was your favorite professor in your major? And why?

Every professor I've had has been engaging, witty, personal and caring. I think my favorite professor has been Dr. Miles Tucker. He does a great job explaining big fascinating topics in a way that's clear and understandable. He's also been a very available and caring professor, and he was especially understanding of the difficulties brought with the pandemic. 

Can you tell us about the philosophy club that you participated in?

Being involved with the philosophy club has been a great experience that I'd recommend to anyone remotely interested in philosophy. It's a great place to talk about interesting topics in a more social and fun atmosphere, and we also host faculty and student speakers.

Why should students consider philosophy as a major?

Philosophy is the kind of field where one class can change your perspective on life. Philosophy is relevant to everyone, it's ultimately about asking questions that are bigger and deeper than what we see in day to day life. If big questions spark your curiosity, and if you like to think about the world and how life should be lived, philosophy is for you. 

Have questions about the Department of Philosophy? Contact Stephen at ingramsk@vcu.edu.